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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of data that websites collect from visits and that can identify a web-enabled user device such as a computer, laptop, PDA, mobile, smartphone or tablet. Cookies never contain Personal Information but are useful for reporting on the number of visits to the site and its various pages and for presenting the right sort of information to the right visitors. For more on cookies see


How do we use cookies?
We will only use cookies which are necessary for the provision of information and services on our site, and where we have received your permission. We analyse how users use our website using Google Analytics and how it performs, recognise when you have signed in and give you a better experience of the site in general.


Cookie Name Purpose
userLocation Used to distinguish users location This cookie allows us to track your location, assuming you allow it, either via geolocation or via your IP address. The cookie is used by our site to find restaurants that are close to your location.
session_din  Used to distinguish users  This cookie is essential for our site to allow you to use our site in a way that makes your browsing experience more convenient, for example, by allowing you to store items in the basket between visits. 
XSRF-TOKEN  Cross-site request forgery block  This cookie is essential to protect our site from any attack from unauthorised commands. 
JSESSIONID  Used to distinguish users This cookie is essential for our site to allow us to monitor the performance of the website. 
_ga  Used to distinguish users  This cookie allows us to track and monitor how users are using the site and how it performs. 
_gid  Used to distinguish users  This cookie allows us to track and monitor how users are using the site.
_gat  Used to throttle request rate  This cookie is used to protect the website from being overwhelmed with requests. 
_gac_  Contains campaign related information for the user  This cookie is used to monitor campaign performance. 
_fbp  Used to distinguish users   This cookie is used to track and monitor users and stores a session identifier used by Facebook, which allows our users to be able to login to our site via Facebook and also allows us to market to our users via the Facebook platform


We use the following types of cookies:
'Persistent Cookies' tend to stay on your device for a period of time and can be:


  • stored on your device after you successfully login to the Website and expire after 60 days. This cookie is used to provide site branding and other Website customisations based on your organisation's requirements.
  • stored on your device if you choose to have the Website remember your username. You can choose this option by selecting the tick box on the member sign-in page. By selecting the tick box, you consent to us storing and reading this cookie.


'Session cookies' are essential for the operation of the site but remain active only until you log out of the Website or the cookie expires due to a period of inactivity. 


Third Party Cookies are certain pages or area of content on the site, e.g. third party videos, may include cookies. These are usually required to track and record traffic to and from the site. We have no control over these cookies and you should read the third party's own website for information about them.



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