March 2018
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Chocolate making - the art of creating delights such as Belgian chocolates, pralines and chocolate truffles from melted cocoa. We think a course or lesson to dip your toe into the world of becoming a chocolatier is probably one of the most desirable activities you can do. No wonder these chocolate making workshops are always well attended! 

These chocolate making courses whisk you from a world where chocolate was merely a handful of roasted and ground cocoa beans and dip you in to a chocoholics dream, where rich flavoured dark and milk chocolates are delicately hand-made for an indulgent gourmet chocolate experience. 

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Leave behind that pint of beer in favour of a wine tasting experience that’ll show you the more subtle tastes of a fine white or a robust red and will give you a fascinating insight into the world of wine. You will certainly learn lots. Discover everything from how to hold the glass (by the stem!) and which wines go with which foods, to a vineyard tour to see the winemaking process from grapes growing on the vines, to the wine being bottled.

Whether you're someone who tends to grab the first bottle that catches your eye in the supermarket, or have more of an idea of what you already like, these wine tasting workshops at UK vineyards and wineries offer something to suit every palate. 

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